Almost On Medicare Save Money With Temporary Health Insurance For Up To 12 Month

Our health care system is set up so that as people age, their insurance premiums go up. As with other insurance products, medical insurance rates are based on the risk of claims from a particular group. When people are young and healthy they have fewer health care expenses than they do as they get older. Fortunately Medicare was established so that older people could get the health care they needed without being priced out of insurance.The most expensive period of time that Americans have for medical insurance premiums is right before they reach Medicare at age 65. Most people will still be working and have their coverage through an employer. But for Americans paying for their own insurance because they are self-employed or retired early, the rates can be prohibitively high.For people taking lots of medication or are dependent on the health care system for chronic illnesses, the higher rates might still be the best plan for them. But if people are generally healthy, they only need coverage for major expenses like hospitalization, surgery, or emergency rooms. For healthy people, short term health insurance plans for a few months is a very good idea.These plans are full insurance plans that have been approved by the department of insurance in each state. When Medicare starts the first day of the month Americans turn 65, there will not be a need for other insurance. These plans cover every expense subject to a deductible and co insurance. Temporary insurance plans cost much less because they do not offer benefits for preventive care, prescription drug benefits, and other co pay type benefits that people are used to.The difference in premium is substantial. Many people can save from 3-500 dollars each month in the 6 to 12 months leading up to their Medicare benefits. There are plenty of places online where people can get a quote and apply for coverage in minutes. If you think this could be a good idea for you or someone you know, contact an agent familiar with the system and they will be happy to help you understand the options available to you.

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