Medical insurance for students Visiting US

Visitor travel insurance USA has gained great popularity among overseas students and research scholars who come to USA for a temporary period. Today medical insurance for students visiting US has become important as well as necessary. With already high competition to gain good jobs with higher salaries, undertaking education in abroad has become a trend. Various destinations like USA have started to host programs for international students to educate and bestow them with value added academic qualifications. While one travels to abroad destinations like USA most of the students consider proper accommodation, food and admission at a nice college or university. However they ignore health safety and provisions to meet healthcare expenses in a foreign destination like USA. The cost of healthcare is very high here. Visitor travel insurance USA is a sure way to assist international students who visit USA for educational pursuits.   Visitor travel insurance USA has been designed especially for overseas students, educational faculties and educational research specialists visiting States for a short term. This facility is extended to those students who are below the age of 55 years. This type of travel medical insurance is available as Basic Navigator and Enhanced Navigator. Both types of medical insurance plans meet all requirements of US State Department of Insurance. This kind of insurance plan offers low rates of premium to students studying in USA. It provides medical evacuation benefits in basic mode ($50,000) and advanced mode ($ 100,000). Students also derive medical insurance cover of $ 15,000 for dismemberment and accidental death.
The basic condition of eligibility for a visitor travel insurance USA is that insurer should be a non US citizen. He/she should be under age of 55 years with a valid passport or US visa. In case the insurer person brings his wife and dependent children (below 19 years age), they are also provided with insurance coverage. While going to an abroad destination like USA students must cover themselves with a travel health insurance policy. Such a policy will assist them in case of unexpected illness or accidental mishaps. The expenses of medical treatment at American hospitals could leave the pockets of abroad students empty during their study sessions. They can save themselves from this situation through a visitor travel insurance USA.This insurance plan has many incentives beside affordable rates of premium and flexible options of payment. It offers facility of travel medical assistance, live travel emergency assistance, concierge services, travel medical assistance and personal security assistance.

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