Who Needs Temporary Medical Insurance

There was a time when almost anyone who had a full time job had health insurance, but that is certainly no longer the case. If you are working less than full-time like many people are, or if your full-time job does not provide you with benefits, then you might want to look into temporary medical insurance to help you make sure that you are always covered.Temporary medical insurance works in just the same way that employer-provided health insurance does, except that you pay for the entire premium. It will not cover pre-existing conditions, and because it is just short-term, you will not be covered for things like pregnancies, either. However, if you are in an accident or have an emergency illness, then you will be very glad that you have it.The most common use for this type of insurance is when people are between jobs. Most jobs now require that you work at least three months before your health insurance "kicks in", and during that time, you would be uninsured. So, by getting temporary medical insurance, you will make sure that you are always covered. The same is also true for your family - you can buy this type of insurance not only for yourself, but to make sure that all members of your family are covered until your employer's insurance begins to take effect.The price of temporary insurance is actually quiet inexpensive, due primarily to the fact that it will only cover you for catastrophic or major illnesses or accidents. You wouldn't want to use it if you had a case of the flu, but if something really went wrong and you needed to be taken to the emergency ward, then you would be very glad that you had temporary insurance to cover you and your family.   

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