Learn More About Temporary Car Insurance - Your Questions Answered

What is temporary car insurance?Most standard car insurance policies are for a minimum 12 month term.  However there are many circumstances where you may only need to get cover for a few days.  Temporary insurance will provide cover for up to 28 days.  This means you can choose how many days you get cover for in this period.  You may only need a day's worth of cover and this would be available to your through temporary policies.2. Who is eligible for temporary motor insurance?For most temporary insurance policies you need to be over the age of 21 years old or have held your license for at least 12 months.  There may be other requirements as well so make sure you check these before you apply to save time.3. What will I be covered for with temporary car insurance?This will of course depend on the type of policy you take out.  You can get cost effective comprehensive temporary car insurance policies.  These will provide you with a high level of cover including medical costs, damage to third party vehicles and property, damage to your own car or property and also fire and theft.4. Will temporary motor insurance affect an existing car policy?You may already have a main car policy in operation when you take out temporary car insurance.  The good thing is that in most cases this temporary cover would not affect your main policy. The main bonus on temporary cover is that in the event of a claim you would not affect the main policy holders insurance policy.5. Can I get instant cover with temporary policies?One of the main advantages of temporary motor insurance policies is that they can offer instant cover.  This is important for emergency situations where you need to get extra cover fast.  You need to contact the temporary insurance provider (telephone or online) to apply for instant cover. As soon as your cover has been approved it should be effective.  This means you could temporary car insurance cover in just a few minutes.6. Can I add a learner driver to my car insurance with short term cover?Temporary car insurance is also commonly used to provide short-term cover for learner drivers.  This enables them to practice (with a suitable licensed driver) outside of their normal paid-for driving lessons.  This makes temporary motor insurance a solution for learner drivers.7. Will temporary car insurance policies cover me if I drive abroad?You can get temporary motor insurance policies that will cover you for trips outside of the UK.  You do need to make sure you get a policy that offers cover relevant to the country you wish to travel to.  Always notify the insurance company if you intend to drive abroad on your policy.Temporary car insurance can offer some practical advantages for car drivers.  This can be a good way to get fast cover when you need it and can also provide short-term cover for learner drivers.   

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