Immediate Coverage Health Insurance - What You Should Know

Sometimes people find out their medical insurance coverage ends on very short notice. They can find themselves in need of a new health insurance policy right away to avoid a lapse in coverage. The process for obtaining insurance for an individual or family can take a few days or weeks to complete. The short term health insurance plans are available for immediate coverage starting by midnight of the day you complete the application. These plans satisfy many needs but there are things you need to know about this coverage.Medical plans that you might need to keep for longer might take a little longer to process. The insurance companies sometimes need to get medical records from doctors offices. They need to take time to provide the insurance at an appropriate rate. Sometimes they will increase the rate if they find illnesses or they could decline the policy altogether. Since it takes several weeks to process these plans people need to get coverage just in case something happens while waiting for coverage.Short term health insurance plans are issued when an applicant completes a short health history questionnaire. Generally the questions are in a simple yes or no format. They ask if you have a series of health issues. If you have the issues, you automatically know you do not qualify. If you do not have any of these issues you will automatically get the coverage. This is the entire underwriting process for these temporary medical insurance plans. These plans simplify the process, but they are as good as any other insurance policies in the state. This way you will not have to wait until someone else reviews the application to determine you qualify.Everything is covered under immediate issue policies subject to a deductible and co insurance. Coverage must be at least 30 days but after that time you can cancel the plan at any time for any reason or no reason at all. This makes these policies a great way to bridge a gap in coverage and get the emergency security you might need. Some people keep these plans for up to 6 months. But they are available immediately for people who might be waiting for the underwriting process to finish. If you are between jobs, you may also find that the company you left cancelled your coverage the day you left. It may be something you did not think about in a job transition. As soon as you discover you need the coverage, short term health insurance plans are available instantly.

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