The Basics of Temporary Medical Insurance

Do you need temporary medical insurance? If you're like most consumers you will at one time or another. Before you can even consider getting a short-term insurance policy, however, you need to understand the basics of them. Here are some things it's important to know when looking at your short-term health insurance needs.What is the Purpose of Short-Term Health Insurance?Short-term medical insurance is intended to help those who are transitioning from one life experience to the next. If you are suddenly out of work or your company has a change in their insurance coverage temporary medical insurance can provide you with the safety net you need to ensure that your savings is protected from unexpected medical expenses. Most of these policies are geared towards students who are no longer covered by their parent's insurance policies, people who are out of work, people starting new jobs and those who want to qualify for a standard health insurance policy.How Long Is Temporary Insurance Good For?Exactly how long a short-term medical policy is good for will depend on the specific policy in question. Some policies will only last one month while others can last six or more. Usually the longest a temporary medical policy can be extended for is 36 months at the most.How Much Does Short-Term Medical Insurance Cost?The exact cost of a temporary medical policy will vary depending on your age and health and the amount of coverage you need. That being said, temporary insurance is usually very affordable. A healthy non-smoking female who is younger than thirty years old can oftentimes find a policy for less than $150 per month. A male can generally find a policy for just a little bit more.If you are in a situation where you find yourself facing an insurance gap make sure you consider temporary medical insurance. The minimal cost of this type of insurance policy is a small price to pay when compared to leaving yourself exposed to uncovered medical expenses.

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