Is Temporary Medical Insurance Worth the Price

When you are laid off from your job or between jobs, you usually don't have a choice regarding your health insurance. Some employers will allow you to buy COBRA, or gap insurance which cover you until you are covered by another policy, but these types of insurance policies are notoriously expensive. The good news is that you can buy your own temporary medical insurance that will cover you until you are covered by another employer or until you have the funds to purchase a full-fledged policy.Temporary medical insurance generally covers you only for major medical issues. You will not be covered for the usual office visits and they rarely cover prescriptions. But, if something severe happens to you during the time you would otherwise have been uninsured, then the price of temporary medical insurance is well worth it.With the price of even the smallest medical procedure costing in the thousands of dollars, you can rest assured that you will more than get your money back if you even have to use the insurance one time, and that is why it is worth the price.Many people think that they can roll the dice and go without insurance between jobs, but it is not a good idea, especially if you are the head of the household. If something should happen to you, you would either have to go without health care or you would eventually be stuck with tens of thousands of dollars' worth of bills that you simply would not be in the position to pay for.So, getting this type of medical insurance is always well worth the price, even if you are only paying for peace of mind and security until the time that you get your next job and your next policy.

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